The Company

Sales and Service of Oil and Gas Equipment For More than 50 Years!


Duke Controls specializes in creating answers to fit your oil and gas problems. Our consulting team will meet with you to determine the products and installation that best fit your needs.

Bob Duke began Duke Controls Inc. in 1970 with a small amount of money; but a lot of good friends. Those friends were in the refineries; plants; and the diversified chemical, oil, and gas companies of South Texas.

As Duke Controls grew, more space was needed for the many products that were being ordered and sold. In 1977, this need led to the addition of 3000 sq. ft. to the original building.

The Lord continued to bless Duke Controls, and in 1985 an additional warehouse space and an upstairs classroom with storage areas added 13,000 sq. ft. to the building. With new vendors being added continually, the future looks bright for Duke Controls Inc.

Wealth can only be accumulated by the earnings of industry and the savings of frugality.


To create partnerships instead of sales.

Through a team of committed and dedicated individuals, we aim to provide a top quality product, equipment, sales and service to the Oil & Gas industry while passing along the knowledge, as well as years of experience in the products we sell.