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ATI Custom Valve Automation systems are found in the oil and gas, chemical, pulp & paper, mining and water industries among others.  The valve actuator products are operating in more than one-half the world’s refineries and on most major pipelines in the United States. ATI Actuators based in Houston Texas continues to expand its global presence into established and emerging markets and developing infrastructure with proven customized valve actuatorsHouston is our home but the world is our footprint.

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ATI valve actuator manufacturing and headquarters are housed in a modern, 41,000 square-foot climate-controlled facility in the Houston Texas area. The location, at 21225 FM 529 in Cypress, Texas 77443, consolidates all ATI Actuators integrated valve automation product manufacturing and valve actuator assembly under one roof with ISO 9001:2015 certification.

The new Houston facility also accommodates ATI’s valve automation engineering and valve actuators sales team, along with a valve automation research center for developing and testing the company’s latest customized valve actuator and valve automation control technologies.

The combination of all valve automation products and valve actuator services at our Houston manufacturing facility assure that our clients are provided with a high level of customer service, increased efficiency, improved valve automation quality and decreased valve actuator delivery times.

Valve Automation Services

ATI FrontLine Services, the company’s specialized valve actuator maintenance service group, operates from the new Houston facility as well. The team offers expert field and in-house valve actuator repair, retrofitting, refurbishment and replacement as well as valve automation calibration.

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Custom Valve Actuators

With over 25 years of experience, we will provide your business with the highest quality custom valve actuators
and customized valve automation to meet your needs.

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Custom valve automation services and solutions - We Have
Actuator Products for You

Valve Automation

We offer the higest quality customized valve automation solutions in the Houston area. Valve automation is found in a wide range of industries including oil and gas, chemical, pulp and paper, mining, and water industries, among others. We are based in Houston, TX and continue to expand our global presence into the marketplace.

Valve Actuators

Our custom industrial valve actuators are designed and manufactured for the customer’s exact specifications. We take the time to learn exactly what our customers need and work with them to create the most appropriate solution. We offer both pneumatic and hydraulic actuators in spring return and double-acting varieties. Our actuators are ASME III approved for nuclear regulatory quality specifications.

Control Systems

We offer top-of-the-line actuator control systems to meet your every need. Our full line of control products uses commonly available components to provide cost-effective systems. Our control systems are also easily maintained and will meet even the most complex control system requirements. We offer a wide range of systems and will work with you to find the perfect solution to meet your needs.

Power Systems

We offer a full line of power systems that accommodate air, natural gas, hydraulic fluids, electric, and solar. We can work with you to match our power systems to what you need, including converting our power units to operate any actuator. We can also adjust the power to provide the most cost-effective solution.


ATI Provides Valve Automation Services

We Manufacture Custom Valve Actuators

We know more about valve actuators than anyone else in the industry, which is why we design and manufacture our own actuators. We do not sell other, low-quality brands because we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality solutions. We will work with you to learn your exact needs and create a custom valve actuator to meet all of your requirements.

Highest Quality Industry Solutions

We do more than just provide valve actuators and systems. We take the time to conduct research on our new custom products and test them to ensure they perform at the highest level. We do our due diligence when it comes to creating the products which is why we have the highest quality valve automation solutions in the industry.

Field Installation Services

ATI FrontLine Services is our specialized maintenance service group. We offer expert services including in-house and field valve actuator repair, retrofitting, refurbishment, and replacement. We also offer automation calibration and installation on-site. Our team offers a high level of efficient customer service and delivery times so you are never left waiting on us.

Free Consultation and Quote

We offer a free consultation and quote so we can learn more about what you need. We will take the time to ask the right questions and arrive at a solution that’s both affordable and will meet all of your requirements.


What Makes ATI Different?

With 25 years of industry experience, we know what it takes to create and provide a custom valve actuator and automation solution. We work with our customers to provide the perfect valve actuator that meets their every requirement and will continue to provide support whenever it’s needed.

Custom-Made Valve Actuators

Our actuators are custom-made to meet your exact specifications and needs. During your consultation, we will take the time to learn what your requirements are and create a custom valve actuator that works for you. Our valve actuators are extremely well-built and are ASME III approved.

Commitment to Our Company’s Vision

Our home is Houston, but our vision is to become a global leader in customized valve automation. We will achieve this goal by staying committed to our values. We remain modest and believe we are here to help others become successful. We have a deep passion for valve automation and we desire to spark curiosity and creativity in each other to create new solutions. We have the will power to never quit and to continue moving forward with hard work. We also believe our customers are partners in our design and customization.

Field Installation Services

Not only do we provide custom valve actuators, but we will continue to work with you through our ATI FrontLine services. We will perform on-site installations, system calibrations, repairs, refurbishments, and much more.

Expert Knowledge

With over 25 years of industry experience, our expert team has the knowledge to create unique solutions for you to better fit your needs. We can answer any and all of your questions regarding valve automation so you can rest assured you’re receiving the absolute best actuation services in the industry.

Efficient Customer Service

We never want to keep you waiting, which is why we respond the same day you make a request. Whether you are asking for a free quote or consultation, or you have a question regarding your actuator, we’re always here to help right away.


What Our Customer Say

“I have to say, we looked at the valves and the actuators this afternoon and they are very well
packaged and presented. I want to thank ATI for the attention this order has clearly received
and I plan to pursue similar solutions in the future with you guys.”

“I was impressed and quite thankful for ATI’s commitment to get the job done on time and with a
high level of quality.”


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Our Client


I have to say, we looked at the valves and the actuators this afternoon and they are very well packaged and presented. I want to thank ATI for the attention this order has clearly received & I plan to pursue similar solutions in the future with you guys.

In all of the readiness reviews that I have conducted, ATI is by far the most well-prepared. The organization has built a solid foundation, and is off to a healthy start to the new [ISO 9001:2015] standard; ATI has clearly taken a serious approach to addressing the risks of its business and handling mitigation in a controlled manner.

ATI linear actuators on 6-inch and 8-inch gate valves have worked flawlessly since put in Y-grade liquid service in 1994.

I was impressed and quite thankful for ATI’s commitment to get the job done on time and with a high level of quality.

ATI has been supportive when we have had questions and their product has worked well for us. If the application came up again where we had the choice of using the ATI actuators, I would recommend getting them.

All of our switching valves for our mole sieve beds are orbit valves fitted with ATI actuators. These have been in service for ~8 months now and have had no issues.

ATI was very supportive during this project with helping us when we had to retrofit the actuators to the valves during a quick series of valve replacements.

We have 14 of your actuators at this facility, with a clean rack record for over a decade.

I really appreciate the commitment to deliver the needed products on a very short schedule.

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